A stove that is designed to meet the changing needs of the “long journey” traveler.
Made of aluminum and titanium, the stove kit is lightweight and compact when on the move, and strong when in use.
The kit contains a cup (fast boiling system), 3 mini stoves, a gas canister connector and hose (all fit in can) and a carry case.
Each mini stove has a rotating head for on/off and flame size control. Its LE’GRIS snap connectors, make it safe and easy to use.
Upon meeting other travelers with similar kits, a feast of cooking is created. From a single man’s meal to several pans and pots at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

Aluminum, Titanium

photo by Oded Antman 


connection possibilities  


Before assambly 

Before assambly 

left photo by Oded Antman
The kit: left photo by Oded Antman

photos by Oded Antman
Fast boiling system: photos by Oded Antman