A stool that was designed and fabricated at the "Dead Sea Seminar" of the industrial design department, Bezalel Academy, with emphasis on LOW-TECH industrial manufacturing methods.
The seat is made of red and yellow Polyethylene, using rotation molding technique, the legs are made of bamboo branches, polished with wood preserving oils, and the mid section, made of cast Aluminum. Using a Styrofoam vanishing model, and a sand casting technique, where the model is covered with special oily sand and buried in the ground, then melted aluminum poured in to create the part.

Aluminum, Bamboo, Polyethylene

Exhibited at the 2010 “Sitting Low, Seeing Far” exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Exhibited at 2010 Lodz design festival, Lodz, Poland.


Aluminum casting 


Rotation molding 


At the exhibition