Off the Greed Alternative Energy Production in Developing Countries

* 70% of people in the developing world have no access to electricity in their homes, health clinics, or schools.
* more then 2 billion people around the world have no access to grid electricity.
* for 3 boillion people, the main source for domestic energy needs is biomass fuels - wood, dung, crop residues and coal.
* wood fuel consumtion cause severe deforestation and fuel shortages in many areas of the world.
* compared with gas stoves, wood burning stoves release 50 times more particular matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
* it is estimated that 2.5 million deaths each year result from indoor exposure to particular matter from burning biomass fuels.
* 9 out of 10 africans do not have access to electricity.

from “Design for the Other 90%”

sheet and cast metal, metal pipes, concrete, wood and branches


Basic Module 

Basic Module Parts 

Holding 4 Types of Metal Pipes
The Joint: Holding 4 Types of Metal Pipes

Village Center and Meeting Point
Inspiration: Village Center and Meeting Point

Alternative Energy Well
Inspiration: Alternative Energy Well

Local, Simple and Inexpensive
Materials: Local, Simple and Inexpensive

Socket and Battery
Charging: Socket and Battery

Power, Communication, Entertainment
Additional Possibilities: Power, Communication, Entertainment

Photo by Oded Antman 

Photo by Oded Antman