'Preserved exp. 25/1/2111', began with research into using plain table salt as a raw material for functional industrial design.
For centuries, salt has been used as a method of food preservation.
Recognizing that under high pressure, table salt grains fuse to a hard form of solid salt,
and combining these two concepts in exploring a compression molding technique to create individual portions of solid salt capsules containing preserved meat.
Hard enough to keep the meat sealed inside, the continuing drying and preservation of the meat enables it to stay edible for many years.

Salt, Meat

Bezalel Design Bonanza, Milan Design Week 2012, Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy.
Preserved on

photo by Oded Antman 

Experiments with salt 


photo by Oded Antman
LED, Halogen salt lamps: photo by Oded Antman



photo by Oded Antman